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225391 essay

Cadell] On 10 March this officer was detailed to patrol the ravine Hunts Gap and destroy enemy patrols cutting telephone lines or attacking pack transport supplying forward companies. He took out his patrol at dark and at hrs brought them in again without having contacted enemy.

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About dawn 11 March he returned to his task taking only one Non-Commissioned Officer Corporal Williamson to cover the same ground in daylight. At about hrs they saw a German patrol of six men approaching and laid themselves in ambush. At yds range they fired with their Bren gun and killed two enemy.

The other four took cover in a fold in a field of beans and opened fire with a 42mm machine gun and automatics. Captain Cadell and Corporal Williamson replied and then made a quick move left flanking.

They then succeeded in killing the German machine gunner and wounding the Sergeant leading the patrol and forced the remaining two to surrender. They brought back three prisoners, a machine gun, two Schmeisser guns, two Luger pistols, maps and personal papers. The courage, skill and determination of this officer provides an excellent example of the qualities required by our patrols in dominating 'no man's land' and retaining the initiative.

225391 essay

He has shown similar qualities earlier in the North African operation in destroying by explosives German tanks at Djebel Abiod in November James, commanding th Infantry Brigade, Freeman-Attwood, commanding 46th Infantry Division, Allfrey, commanding 5 Corps, Anderson, commanding First Army, , File size: 2 MB: About the Author.

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John Septimus Roe was sketcher, surveyor and naval officer. Together with Captain J.G. Bremer they established a settlement and took possession of the northern coast of Australia in sketcher, surveyor and naval officer, was born in Newsbury, England, on 8 May , the seventh son of Rev.

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