Avatar the last airbender final episode

I have all the power in the world. A ruthless warlord and megalomaniac, Ozai is willing to burn the rest of the world to the ground so he can rule.

Avatar the last airbender final episode

Plot[ edit ] Part 1: When Zuko tells the group that Ozai plans to use the comet's power to burn down the Earth Kingdom, Aang resolves to face him before the comet arrives. Sokka decides to have a simulation fight against a scarecrow, but Aang refuses to kill it due to his pacifistic nature and non-violent upbringing, and even berates his friends after they pointedly tell him that he has no choice but to kill Ozai.

That night, Aang sleepwalks to an offshore island that disappears in the morning. After the group fails to locate him, Zuko takes them to June, a tracker who might be able to locate Aang. Meanwhile, Fire Lord Ozai proclaims himself to be ruler of the world, under the title " Phoenix King", and declares Azula to be the new Fire Lord, setting off with an airship fleet to burn the world and rebuild it under his new order.

It is revealed that he, along with other characters encountered in previous episodes, are part of an otherwise non-aligned secret society known as the "Order of the White Lotus", which plans to liberate the Earth Kingdom capital city from Fire Nation rule. Meanwhile, Aang awakens on a floating island.

Frustrated with his inability to find a way to defeat Ozai without killing him, he asks four of his past lives for advice. Unsatisfied with their answers, he asks the island for help. The island, which is actually a giant "lion turtle", bestows upon Aang the power of energybending and leaves him on the shores of the Earth Kingdom while Ozai arrives with his airship fleet.

Azula banishes nearly all of her subjects, haunted by the betrayals of former friends Mai and Ty Lee. Her paranoia and loneliness begin to drive her insane. Before she is crowned, Zuko and Katara arrive. Zuko accepts Azula's challenge to a one-on-one duel because he realizes Azula is distracted and he does not want Katara injured.

Avatar the last airbender final episode

Just as Zuko is on the verge of defeating Azula, she shoots a bolt of lightning at an unprepared Katara. Zuko throws himself in front of her and intercepts the lightning, preventing Katara from getting hurt, but gravely injuring himself.

Meanwhile, Sokka, Toph, and Suki hijack a Fire Nation airship, and use it to destroy Ozai's airship fleet, crippling his forces before they can burn down the Earth Kingdom.

Aang reappears and begins to duel the Phoenix King.

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When Aang refuses to kill Ozai despite an opportunity, Ozai begins to gain an advantage in the fight. Katara manages to freeze Azula in a block of ice before chaining her to a drainage grate.

Katara then uses her waterbending to revive and heal Zuko. As a result of her defeat, Azula's mind finally snaps entirely and she screams and sobs in fury, unable to escape from her chains.

After a fierce battle, Ozai slams Aang into a rock, hitting the scar on his back from Azula's lightning in the previous season and inadvertently releasing his locked seventh chakraallowing Aang to enter the Avatar State.

With the combined power of his past livesAang quickly overwhelms Ozai but refuses to kill him. After subduing Ozai, Aang finally understands the lion-turtle's meaning and uses energybending to strip Ozai of his Firebending powers, removing his ability to wage war while Sozin's Comet vanishes beyond the horizon.srmvision.com: Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Complete Book Three Collection: Zach Tyler, Mae Whitman, Jack De Sena, Dante Basco, Jessie Flower: Movies & TV.

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Avatar the last airbender final episode

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 3

the series "Avatar The Last Airbender" belongs to Mike and Bryan and/or Viacom. The song belongs to . Most miraculous of all, Avatar: The Last Airbender ended spectacularly 10 years ago with a four-part finale, “Sozin’s Comet,” that aired on July 19, Sep 18,  · Watch full episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at srmvision.com In the climatic series finale.

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