Company analysis bajaj auto ltd

Geda Solar Cookers Case: Examine Consumer Behaviour 5 marks Impact of Environmental Factors 10 Marks Competitive Activity within the industry with regard to any company you have selected Market leader, Follower or Nicherand company response to the competitive activity in terms of its Marketing Mix elements. Bajaj obtained a License to Produce in India

Company analysis bajaj auto ltd

The existence of 15 different languages in India meant that the same commercial could not always be used throughout India. Competitors TVS Manufactured mopeds and motorcycles and had an equity collaboration with Suzuki for motorcycles. Escorts Manufactured motorcycles in a technical collaboration with Yamaha.

Kinetic Manufactured both scooters and mopeds and had an equity collaboration with Honda for scooters. Hero Manufactured motorcycles and mopeds and had an equity collaboration with Honda for motorcycles.

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LML Manufactured scooters in collaboration with Piaggio. Which were of its own making? The one which is its own making is that BAL lacked design capability and the ability to translate new products from concept to commercialization as fast as its Japanese competitors.

Moreover, the new product that launched by BAL had experienced a number of technical problem. These were the problem that at its own making. In a nutshell, BAL should solve these problems in stead of only keeping everything cost competitive only. Question 2 Could BAL rely on the domestic market to achieve its corporate goals or should it expand foreign operations?

The objectives governing product development were to protect market share by, providing consumers with what they wanted, matching competitor product features by constantly improving existing products, and periodically introducing new products.

Perceived as reasonably priced, BAL products were also known for their low maintenance cost, good spare parts availability, and good resale value. There are sufficient natural resources and large capital resources in India which enable BAL to produce at a lower cost production.

Thus, BAL also has great financial support network and widespread distribution network. InBAL faces the first threat where the Indian two-wheeler vehicle industry suffered from chronic overcapacity. The overcapacity occurred dude to India suffered from economic recession in the early s.

Company analysis bajaj auto ltd

Bajaj on internal analysis found that it lacked of the technical expertise to deliver competitive goods, the design know-how, and the immediate inability to support the onslaught of competitors.

All these forced Bajaj to look for an international partner who could bring in technology and also offer some basic platforms to be manufactured and marketed in India. Kawasaki of Japan is a world-renowned manufacturer of high performance bikes. Bajaj entered into a strategic tie-up with Kawasaki in late s to enhance its product line and knowledge up-gradation to support long-term strategies.

The rivalry between BAL and other companies, force all players to create new product or product line to keep competitive advantage.

Bajaj V15, made of INS Vikrant Metal, is now available in Ocean Blue colour

To increase the sales and market shares, BAL set up the marketing department in In stead of competing in domestic market, BAL should as well need to consider the international markets in achieving the corporate goal, because it might gives different impact to BAL.

After Indian government lifted up the excessive regulations and production constraints, BAL had the opportunity to develop the export but the competitive environment in the Indian two-wheeler market in became more intense. This had changed the Indian demand condition on two-wheeler vehicles.

Thus, another advantage was that BAL need not have to pay the import duties when they import to Western Europe. Moreover, good relationship between BAL and its export markets would enhance the ability to essential automotive components as inputs.

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There would be great opportunities for BAL in expanding its foreign operations in order to achieve its goals and specific objectives. Question 3 Which export markets offered the most promise for BAL? Should BAL focus on developing or developed country?

From the BAL units export by country and product line in had show that most of the revenue of BAL export trade was generated from developing country where the main market was 71, Rs from Sri Lanka, 37, Rs from Bangladesh, and 35, Rs from Argentine and 41,Rs from Mexico.

Therefore, this shows that BAL mostly revenue is generated from developing country. There are two criteria for assessing the potential of a market which is current segment size and growth, and potential competition.East West Assist TPA Private Limited (IRDA License No) is a dedicated Third Party Administrator (TPA) Health Services, licensed by the Insurance Regulatory & .

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Essay. 1 - Bajaj Auto Ltd. Essay introduction. Economic forces By the s, the Indian economy was undergoing structural change, and imports were largely unregulated.

Bajaj Auto has been developing a brand-centred strategy.

Company analysis bajaj auto ltd

The ‘front end’ is guided by the Company’s strategy of differentiation, to continuously specialise its brand positioning in motorcycles.

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