Differences between jehovah witness and catholicism

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Differences between jehovah witness and catholicism

Historical Christianity is built primarily on two foundations: Jesus is God and the inerrancy of the Bible. We are encouraged to be at peace with all men, even with those who have different beliefs.

Differences between jehovah witness and catholicism

But the Bible also encourages us to boldly and confidently present a scriptural basis for truth and compare differences The Inerrancy of Scripture Roman Catholicism promotes submission to the teachings of the Pope, bishops and sacred traditions that often supersede Scripture. Traditionally, followers are not encouraged to read the Bible but to lean on Papal interpretation.

The title "Vicar of Christ" implies that the Pope has the same power and authority that Christ has over the church. Mormons refer to the Bible, but look primarily to the Book of Mormon despite the fact that no geographical locations mentioned have ever been found cf.

We know where Jerusalem is, but we do not know where Zarahemla and Bountiful, nor any other location, are located. The challenge with believing both the Bible and the Book of Mormon is that Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith cannot both be right—they contradict each other at every turn.

Mormon doctrine teaches that the inspired words of their living prophets become Scripture; thus, superseding the Bible. After many years of saying, "I want to bear my testimony that I know this church is true I know our prophet is a true prophet of God," it becomes ingrained but rarely challenged.

However, the translators were not biblical scholars or theologians. David Reed, an ex-Witness, says that the New World Translation came into being in for the sole purpose of eliminating the deity of Christ.

They also believe that Jesus and Michael, the archangel, are one and the same. Historical Christianity is built on the written word of God alone. The Protestant Reformation set the world ablaze with a hunger to return to the Word of God.

Many who challenged Rome were killed because of this. The Bible is our infallible rule of faith, being sufficient to give us the sure knowledge of the gospel: We cannot add or subtract.

She is a co-redeemer to assist in redemption. Although sins are forgiven periodically in Confession, the punishment still remains. Mormons believe that God was once as we are, and is now an exalted man, and that men can become gods.

The prophet Joseph Smith refers to this as "the great secret" Times and Seasons 5: Some try to backpedal away from this, but Mormon doctrine teaches it. If it had not been for Joseph Smith and the restoration of truth, there would be no salvation.

Jehovah Witnesses believe that salvation comes through works and not faith alone. Jesus Christ was a perfect man; a created being like us. The New World Translation and the Watchtower tracts systematically set out to eliminate evidence for the deity of Christ, trying to make Him a creature rather than the Creator.

Historical Christianity teaches that Mary is highly favored, but not free from sin. She does not play a role in redemption. Any time we minimize Christ we are on very dangerous ground.I say this because the difference between slamming the door or choosing to be cordial and speaking with them could mean the difference between affording the Witnesses a moment for God's grace to.

By definition, Jehovah’s witnesses is the worldwide Christian society of people who actively bear witness regarding Jehovah God and his purposes affecting mankind. They base their beliefs solely on the Bible.

Comparison grid of Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Christianity.

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Comparing Roman Catholicism belief system noted serious theological problems. I hesitate to put this grid up only because I do not want to needlessly assail the Catholic belief system in an offensive manner.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are quite forthcoming about their religious beliefs. Their religion, unlike Mormonism, isn’t an esoteric one with secret doctrines known only to an initiated few. When Mormons come to your door, they don’t tell you that they believe in many gods, that Jesus and.

Historical Christianity is built primarily on two foundations: Jesus is God and the inerrancy of the Bible. Where do these other religions stand? Jehovah Witness is a Cult September 7, HU Jehovah Witness is a Cult There are many different types of religions that are practiced on a daily basis.

Each one of these religions believes their beliefs are correct and other religions are false religions.

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