Effects that single parenting has one children essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Each one has one of three different parenting styles. These are authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive styles.

Effects that single parenting has one children essay

One of the main causes of this would be if the parent is suffering financially. This can be solved by finding a job that is able to support both you and your child. This however, is often easier said than done. One benefit is that as single parenting has become more socially accepted it is starting to get easier to find a job within their local community that will allow them to sustain the needs of their children.

The Remnants of a Negative Stigma Times have really changed.

The Remnants of a Negative Stigma

Older people Effects that single parenting has one children essay argue that the modern culture has forsaken and outgrown the values taught and instilled by old customs, beliefs and traditions.

Moralists and conservatives sometimes raise their brows and express disgust over how current belief and culture systems are evolving. What has been unacceptable in the old world is now becoming fast and rapidly rising trends. Taboos and outcast-driving issues of yester years are fortunately now very common and most people understand that they actually are just normal and acceptable.

The Rise of Single Parenting One of the issues that were raising the ire of people centuries or even just decades back is the issue of single parenting and the effects of single parenting on children.

A quick look at social philosophies link single parenting to adventurism and liberation of people. The Catholic Church has always been the dominating mentor and guide of traditions, norms and living. Unfortunately it has also contributed to a negative stigma. Procreation outside wedlock used to be a ground for excommunication.

Similarly so was divorce. It is one of the greatest sins, according to the Catholic Church, to engage in pre-marital sex. Single parenthood in that sense, can be taken in as a punishment of some sorts, to the people who disobey the teachings of the church.

Single parenting is becoming a rapidly rising trend in the society. It is of course not only through pre-marital sex or divorce that spouses are often left alone with a child. The causes for single parenting stretch much wider than that. Studies in the US alone indicate that there are four single parents to every ten parents, there are two single parents for every 10 adults in the country.

Your great grandparents must be really turning up their graves if they could be able to hear such statistics. How times have changed! The Voice of the Children Single parenting or parenthood is in most cases, except at the death of a spouse, an adult choice and decision, taken by the parent.

One voice often remains unheard — that of the child. Some psychologists and advocates argue and insist that the effects of single parenting has adverse mental, emotional and psychological implications on the child.

Tests from time to time validate that premise. Although single parents must be commended for raising a child alone, he or she should not be blamed for negative effects of single parenting, mental or psychological impact of the situation on the child.

Some tests and observations have concluded and found that single parenting makes children more aggressive and rebellious. Experts say the behavior could be the outcome of the angst and humiliation the child experiences while growing. Because traditional and normal families have two parents, the mom and the dad, jointly raising kids, single parenting somehow makes the child feel abnormal, different and unaccepted.

A Sometimes Cruel Society The society can sometimes be too cruel for such children, which can make things worse.

Effects that single parenting has one children essay

Humiliation and awkward feelings of insecurity is dangerous if left untreated or undetected in the child which can take the burden for the rest of his or her life. Thus, single parents and their children both need professional help through counseling.

Reasonable advice and guides should be given both to the child and the single parent to make sure both of them deal with past, present and future issues from single parenting.

Counseling from professionals can form or make up a support system that will make single parenting easier and more effective.

Because single parenting is no ordinary parenting, the parent and the child must learn to accept the situation minus the negative feeling. Nowadays, single parenting is becoming a normal occurrence. Society is not that judgmental anymore towards the single parent and the child.

While the remnants of a negative stigma are still to be found in the cracks of society, single parents now face the same challenges as any other parents in bringing up their children. In most cases, financial, time management and support challenges will add an additional layer of complexity to the day-to-day of a single mom or dad.

Single parents are normal parents, but because we live in the real world, it is your job to understand the effects of single parenting may have on your child. Negative Effects of Single Parenting in a Child Behavioral and emotional distress Not only adults suffer from stress and anxiety.

In fact children are the most affected by anxiety and stress.The Effects of Single Parenting on Children Essay. A. Pages Words This is just a sample. We will write a custom essay sample on The Effects of Single Parenting on Children specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Effects that single-parenting has one children ; The effects of single Parenting in women House-Holds ;. Effects of Single Parenting on Children For as long as human families have existed, the core family group of a father, mother, and the children has been the ideal composition in what could be considered a balanced and fulfilling functional family.

Hearing about the negative effects of single parenting on kids, from economic hardships to abandonment-related trust issues can feel overwhelming.

"In the United States today, 16,, children under age 18 live in single mother homes (Fluty 4)." Single parent homes affect children psychology producing negative effects on the child's esteem, behavior, as well as education.

But the question still remains “What are the effects that Single-parenting has on Children?” Problem Statement. Single-parent families can no longer be viewed as non-traditional families.

Effects that single parenting has one children essay

These families are all around us today. Children in Jamaica grow up in a variety of family structures. Many have his or her own opinion about what it means to be a single parent, but being a single parent means that it is now the job of one parent to be both mother and father to their children.

Many debate on how children in single parent homes are affected.

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