Extract analysis from heroes

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Extract analysis from heroes

Make sure that you work through the extract chronologically, and always get to the end. Remind yourself of the assessment objectives - to give your own opinion about the text; build a discussion and quote directly — as well as talk about the way the writer has used language and form to create particular effects.

Use this plan to help you to make your own for other questions: Higher tier Read the extract then answer the following question. With close reference to the extract, show how Robert Cormier creates mood and atmosphere here. Foundation tier Read the extract then answer the following question.

What thoughts and feelings do you have as you read this extract? Give reasons for what you say, and remember to support your answer with words and phrases from the extract.

Planning your answer Introduction. Briefly explain what is going on in this passage to show the examiner that you know the text Discuss the way that Cormier involves the reader in the action Discuss the way that Cormier uses language and form to create mood and atmosphere Conclusion.

SparkNotes: The Iliad: Character List Imagine data coming from a survey. This survey has one year of history, and during the first three months there was no good process control.
Introduction Pride Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Pride and Prejudice, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.
Guide to Extract Analysis | End of the Game Skeptical heroes who like art and the greater good are best.

Briefly sum up what you have discussed in your response Higher tier sample responses Here are two sample answers which address point three of the action plan: Sample answer one Cormier uses language and form in this extract very effectively.

The people are described as if they are one collective being.

Extract analysis from heroes

The crowd are acting as one entity, and this is shown when it says that a giant sigh rose from the crowd. A bit later we are told that the audience are watching a public game whilst another secret game was being played between Larry and Francis. The atmosphere is tense because of this idea of two separate games being played out.

Only Francis and Larry are aware of their inner struggle for victory, but the reader feels part of the secret. To anybody in the audience, it looks as if Francis is winning this game.


The use of perfectly structured sentences also adds to the feeling of being at a great sporting event; for example, My point.

Next point his, then mine again. You can imagine the heads of the people in the crowd moving from left to right as they watch the ball. Words such as plopping.Heroes is one of the choices of Prose texts in the GCSE English Literature Paper for AQA Specification A. In the examination, students are given a choice of one out of two questions to respond to in 45 minutes.

Aim and content Working through the sheets on the novel will help students to . Heroes by Robert Cormier. Exam style extract question with analysis for AFL. The Grapes of Wrath depicted the impossibility of the American Dream and defined the harsh reality of the dirty, corrupted, and greedy nightmare that it truly was.

Heroes by Robert Cormier. Exam style extract question with analysis for AFL. The Odyssey: The Hero's Journey, Archetypes and Symbols The Hero's Journey Departure Initiation Return The Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call Supernatural Aid The Crossing of the First Threshold The Belly of the Whale The Road of Trials The Meeting .

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