Histrory 20

Drag cars like Safeway Sandblasting, lakesters like The Lakewood Muffler Special and the SoCal Special coupe, and a number of very quick sprint car racers proved the Ardun-made horsepower in massive quantities, when the gremlins were held at bay. Don was interested in doing some historic racing in Europe, and his strong desire to preserve some of our early hot rod heritage. Don sold 27 of the 30 sets.

Histrory 20

A thought-provoking exercise about animals and our environment. It's true, the Dodo Bird has been extinct for hundreds of years. But imagine a world where they are still alive, but only a few are left. It's up to you to make a plan for their survival. What would you do?

Arnav - May 29, From Litera Valley School - Patna I would keep all the dodo at one place and would take special care for Histrory 20 and i would request the government to ensure about passing the law that if anyone kills dodo for their personal use strict punishment would be given to him as well as fine would be charged.

I will take care of their Histrory 20 which can be destroyed. Ryan - May 23, Take them and protect them. Second start breeding them. Third hire news stations to cover the story to gain public support. Finally, once there are enough of them, I distribute them in a wide variety of places around the world.

We would also make a plan for them to survive so they can have happy life's. Lastly we would make sure they lived in the right environment. M 3rd grade - May 2, From West Friendship in Maryland I would make it illeagle to go on the island and have people to donate seeds to a found that i would make and hope and pray that they will live forever.

Also I would make a breeding center for the very important and precious dodo birds Another 3rd Glade Class- May 2, From Maryland I would find their diet and then give them their food and also i would take some of the dodo birds to labs so they can check if the birds have any diseases and to lay eggs.

Another 3rd Graders Class - May 2, From Maryland I would take a few birds from the island of Mauritius and take a few birds to somewhere that Dodo Birds aren't common and I would ask the people who were hunting the Dodo Birds to please stop.

I would also make sure that everyday the Dodo birds are healthy with nuts,seeds ,and berries.

Our English Ancestors - the first three generations born between the years and

I would also make sure the Dodo birds are always muiltipliyg. This is how we think we would help the Dodo Birds from becoming extinct. Third graders - May 2, From Maryland We would also try to convince the hunters to stop hunting the dodo bird and we would also catch the predators and take to another safe place were they can't hunt dodo birds.

Nova - March 20, Unknown What i would do if there were very little dodo's left on this planet is i would start a breeding program and have them breed with the closest relative the nicobar pigeon if there isn't enough genetic diversity.

Histrory 20

Will - December 20, From Bromham VC Lower, Bedfordshire I would put all the dodu birds into a big sack and have them all make their eggs into a pile but make sure none of them crack as dodo eggs are worth increbidle large amounts of money then the dudo birds can have dodo chidlren. Once that is done, we can somehow create an evolution for the bird so it can have most similarities to the dodo bird, so eventually we may not have the actual bird, but we could have a creature that is most like it.

Mat - November 21, From Winterset Make a farm land with breeding grounds and have a healthy environment so they can breed and make more Dodo's.First Direct Generation In England John Foote of Royston was one of our oldest confirmed ancestors. He was born about the year in the town of Royston, Hertfordshire, England..

He owned a small manor house along with some land in the town. You're about to clear your recent search history. Are you sure you want to continue? On this day in history, music, sport, film and television.

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