Related literature of a multi purpose cooperative

This will also present the synthesis of the art, theoretical and conceptual framework to fully understand the research to be done and lastly the definition of terms for better comprehension of the study. Related Literature Tracer study is an approach which widely being used in most organization especially in the educational institutions to track and to keep record of their students once they have graduated from the institution. Through tracer study, an institution able to evaluate the quality of education given to their graduates by knowing the graduates placements and positions in the society which later can be used as a benchmark in producing more qualified and competitive graduates.

Related literature of a multi purpose cooperative

This is the future expansion of the world-wide co-operative movement. S Ltd associated to the Enugu consumer co-operative under the auspices and direction of the Enugu North co-operative division, the hierarchy continue up to the Apex co-operative body.

In recent years, cooperatives in different sectors and in different part of Nigeria, particularly those with a large membership have experienced various problem including management control, mismanagement, growing distance between members and their cooperative, failures of democracy, financial scandals and Related literature of a multi purpose cooperative relationships between senior management and elected direction.

Their experiences appear to be common and therefore, for all cooperative, there are valuable lessons to be learned and dangers to be avoided. Hence the needs which leads to the formation are thus, very different and subsequently, does not bring cooperative objective to life in the same way that the participation of employees in the administrative of the co-operative but does so in other co-operatives.

S Ltd is purely on democratic principles. S Ltd, it is made clear that the members role is exercised essential through the general meeting sited annually or specially.

In exceptional circumstance, members may exercise their responsibilities in the absence of action by the committee by requesting a special general meeting.

Normally, the rules of the ordinary member are performed through the general meeting and equally in normal circumstances.

Management Methods in Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Societies

This function is carried out without problems. Basically, there are 4 essential responsibilities to be attended to by the members at the Annual general meeting they are: The receipts and adoption of the report and accounts.

The appointment of an auditor. The determination of the borrowing power of the society. In doing this, the committee is required to elaborate in more detail, the way in which one policy of the co-operative should be implemented.

The committee is required to establish guidelines for the management and to ensure that management adheres strictly to those guidelines. Rule 27 1 of the cooperative societies rule specifies some functions of the committee as follows: Some other duties of the committee according to rule 27 2 includes: To present to the annual general meeting an annual report and accounts approved by the Director of Co-operatives.

To assist the inspection and auditing of books of the society by any person authorized to inspect and audit the books annually.

Related literature of a multi purpose cooperative

Members of the committee may be held responsible for any lapses discovered in the conduct of the affairs of the society Rule 27 3.

Although there is the primary responsibility of the officers, that is, the chairman and secretary, to ensure that the annual audit are completed and filed. The policy decision of the committee. In general terms, he must within the conditions of carrying that committee policies, also ensure that adequate accounting records are kept, that sufficient information is compiled on the bank account within the limits prescribed by the Annual General Meeting; failure to act properly under any of these heading does not exonerate the committee from responsibility to ensure that these matters are properly dealt with.

In another sense too, committee members have an obligation to protect the society against potential liability or loss. Members of the committee and individuals have legal responsibilities for seeing that the firm complies with the law.

They are also accountable to the member who elected them and they follow any directions as laid down at the general meeting. If the members are not satisfied with the performance of the management committee, the members cannot take over the management, but can dismiss any or all of the committees or directors and elect or appoint others to replace them.The Review of Related Literature The review of related literature is an essay that should show why your research needs to be carried out, how you came to choose certain methodologies and theories to work with, and how your work adds to the research already carried out by others.

Review of Related Literature This is intended for the clarity and understanding of the study by giving the previous studies, which helped in the proponent's investigation on the development of the system Review of Related Local Literature.

The TESDA-9 Multi Putpose Cooperative is a Cooperative organized in by the employees of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Region IX, Zamboanga City, Philippines.

It is an organization aimed at improving the quality of life . The Claveria Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative Agri-Hardware have always played an important role in alleviating and solving pressing social problems.

and for us to achieve all its advantages we should overcome the demand to be a computer literate.

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which is widely used in decision making process from the most simplest processes to the most. A particularly successful form of multi-stakeholder cooperative is the Italian "social cooperative", of which some 11, exist.

"Type A" social cooperatives bring together providers and beneficiaries of a social service as members. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

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