Study of indian human development index

A country scores higher HDI when the life expectancy at birth is longer, the education period is longer, and the income per capita is higher. It is used to distinguish whether the country is a developeda developing or an underdeveloped country. The UN report covers member states of the United Nations out ofalong with Hong Kong and Palestine ; 8 UN member states are not included because of lack of data.

Study of indian human development index

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Study of indian human development index

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Study of indian human development index

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Update, Oct. 24, The Contaminants search tab has been removed pending a data quality review. We will make the functionality available again once the review is . The Human Development Report is the latest in the series of global Human Development Reports published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) since as independent, analytically and empirically grounded discussions of major development issues, trends and policies.

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The Human Development Index (HDI) is a statistic composite index of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators, which are used to rank countries into four tiers of human development.A country scores a higher HDI when the lifespan is higher, the education level is higher, and the GDP per capita is higher.

It was developed by Indian Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen and Pakistani. Summary View help for Summary. A Data Guide for this study is available as a web page and for download. The India Human Development Survey (IHDS) is a nationally representative, multi-topic survey of 41, households in 1, villages and urban neighborhoods across India.

Research Grants History[ edit ] Human Development Theory has roots in ancient philosophy and early economic theory. Aristotle noted that "Wealth is evidently not the good we are seeking, for it is merely useful for something else", and Adam Smith and Karl Marx were concerned with human capabilities.
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